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Expertise and Specialties

Our top-notch customer service, efficient and productive cargo handling operations together with our expert industry insight, knowledge and know-how should make Empire Grain your first choice for grain stevedoring services. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Empire Grain maintains strong relationships with all the major terminals, shippers and suppliers. These close ties ensure our continued maximum efficiency and world-class service alongside Canada’s best grain suppliers.

Empire Grain works closely with its clients when loading vessels, offering advice to terminal owners, operators and grain exporters on all aspects of the loading processes from the terminal operations to the loading and stowage of vessels. This includes maintaining stability of the vessel by leveling the cargo and, when necessary, strapping. Empire Grain anticipates the many variables that influence vessel loading and work closely with all those involved while avoiding potential hazards.


Empire Grain Stevedoring Ltd. is proud to be Western Canada's top stevedore serving its customers for over 110 years. Our professional, accomplished and proficient team has collectively amassed over 200 years of industry experience. With this level of expertise, Empire Grain offers specialized knowledge and superior performance in every aspect of our business.


Berth depth sounding charts – Port Metro Vancouver

Vessel Pilot Orders - Pacific Pilotage Authority

Vancouver Tide Tables – Government of Canada

Vessel Traffic Vancouver – Marine Traffic

Empire Grain’s expertise extends to the more specialized aspects of loading, including:

  • •Leveling Cargo – Bombardier machine
  • •Securing of cargo – Strapping
  • •Loading during inclement weather – Feeder hole loading
  • •Building cargo separations
  • •Dying Cargo

Our goal is to streamline the process for our clientele in the cargo loading process. The men and women on the waterfront are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and the tools to perform their tasks in a collaborative environment. Empire Grain oversees this process with its specialized expertise in the equipment used, continuous training to our employees and the adherence to leading health and safety practices.